finnish concept that represents a central part of the philosophy of this small Nordic country: to act against all odds and to show courage and determination in the face of adversity.

Sisu is the enigmatic power that keeps us going even when we believe we have reached the limit of our physical and mental capacity; it is the force capable of producing improbable results in highly complex environments.

Sisu represents the culture of our group.

About us

Sisu Venture Partners is an investment group focused on companies and projects in the entertainment and sports market. Led by partners with deep knowledge of the dynamics and specificities of this environment, who have been operating in this industry for over 20 years.

The uniqueness in our vision, experience, knowledge and network helps identify the assets that will produce the best and most sustainable results inside the environment we operate.

Our mission is to make the best investment allocation and use our expertise and the talent of our team in the management of identified assets.

Our capital

Sisu invests in the entertainment and sports industry using its own capital and through partnerships with Family Offices.

Our investment capture model is proven, allowing us to have permanent access to the capital needed to invest in the projects we select.

Our approach

Our approach is structured in the selection of projects to invest. Once selected, we offer the best talents to work in the projects management.

Our team has a qualified approach to analyze business opportunities and find the most creative and viable solutions for our clients.

The companies in which we invest have the goal of becoming a reference in the industry in which they operate, transforming and impacting their division through technology and innovation.

Our companies

Golden Goal


IRL Sports


Sport Insider

Founded in 2004, Golden Goal has a wide range of activity, being a reference in the marketing and sports management industry.

It was a pioneer in bringing the first football camp of a European team to Brazil (Milar Junior Camp), and from that point on, it specialized in connecting the corporate world to the sports and entertainment industry through: corporate hospitality, sponsorship management, rights negotiation, stadium operation, event production and live marketing, in addition to other activities that drew the attention of the English group CSM, which, in 2011, acquired the capital of Golden Goal.

Throughout this period, the company had a large participation in projects such as: World Cup, Olympics Games, national and international sports tournaments, participation in national and international sports confederations and federations projects of different modalities (FIFA, UEFA and CBF), national and Europeans clubs, and athletes.

In 2019, the Sisu Group reacquired the capital of Golden Goal, making it again a 100% Brazilian company.

It was the admiration for the passion of the fan and the belief that this feeling improves the world that motivated the creation of Feng, in 2017.

The company proposes to assist great characters of football and sport – clubs, players, competitions, arenas, entities – to build fan engagement projects: relationship programs, digital products, content production, communication campaigns. Some of them generated great stories, such as Gigante – a project by Vasco’s partners who had, in 2019, the biggest case of growth of a program of its kind in Brazil – and the Brasileirão digital platform, which is the national competition with more followers on Instagram in Americas and sixth in the World nowadays.

Feng combines technology, with its own development team, with creativity, knowledge of the sports world and the study of best practices and cases from other markets. In 2022 the company consolidated its position as a leader in membership programs in Brazilian Football, being responsible for managing 7 programs among the most popular Brazilian football clubs, such as Botafogo, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Fluminense, Santos, São Paulo e Vasco da Gama.

Founded in 2022, IRL Sports brings innovation and technology to fans, enthusiasts, fans, partners, athletes and brands that can live, access and monetize experiences on a new and far superior level.

For those who want to enter or strengthen their presence on Web3, IRL offers Project Management, NFT Development, and Community Creation and Management services, combining the Group’s experience in the sports market with a robust network of partners and the know-how of this new industry.

Registered with CBF, TINMO is a representation, intermediation and career management company that helps talents reach their full potential, through its own methodology and 360º support – daily monitoring, market planning, legal, financial and press advice.

Our methodology has been developed by professionals who have been in the football market for more than 10 years.

Sport Insider was born to supply a historical need of the Brazilian sports industry: production of content and intellectual capital through the union of the main minds active in the market.

An alternative view to journalistic content, focused on the sports business produced by professionals working in the market.

Meet our partners

Cadu Ferreira

With a master’s degree in Management, Law and Humanities in Sport from the FIFA Master program, he is one of the Founding Partners of Golden Goal, in 2004. Between 2011 and 2018, led CSM Brazil operations, of CSM Sports & Entertainment, from London, during the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In both events, CSM managed more than 25.000 employees directly involved on its projects.

Cadu is currently the CEO of Sisu Venture Partners, being responsible for the growth and investment strategy in the agencies of the holding company. 

Mauro Corrêa

Graduated in Business Administration from USP and the University of Illinois (USA) and with an MBA in Business from INSEAD (France), he is one of the Founders of Golden Goal and one of the Partners of the Sisu Group, expert in Business Strategy, Events productions, Logistics and Sponsorship Sales Planning.

In the last 18 years he has  led several projects with different scopes, including some related to the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cup, 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games,  besides managing projects of dozens corporate clients and sports rights holders. 

Pedro Lima

Graduated in Business Administration from the Illinois Institute of Technology and in Sports, Entertainment and Media Business at Harvard, as well as Football Management from UEFA, he is one of the Partners of the Sisu Group. With expertise in Corporate Hospitality, Event Planning and Management, F&B Operations and athletes’ representation.

Led the 2014 FIFA World Cup F&B project in all 64 matches, as well as operating two of the main themed houses at the 2016 Olympic Games (Heineken Holland House and PyeongChang House). 

Mozart Neto

Graduated in Marketing from Universidade Veiga de Almeida, with knowledge in Statistics and Computer Engineering, in addition to an MBA in Process Management and Agile Methodology from IBMEC.

Started as an intern in 2009, until he became one of the Partners of the Sisu Group and today the CEO of FENG. With expertise in Technology, CRM, Product Structuring and Business Intelligence (BI), he leads the Tech and Strategy management teams for Membership Programs of 7 of the 12 most popular football clubs in Brazil. As a CEO of FENG is also responsible for digital communication planning and content production in social media for Brasileirão, the Brazilian football national league.